About Solveering™ LLC

Engineering Design, Simulation and Prototyping

We are proud of having a extreme can-do-attitude towards anything related to engineering and design, with sufficient motivation and time
we can take on most projects ranging from Inventions and simple engineering support to corporate consulting.

The Solveering Name

First off, what does the term "Solveering" mean? Well, quite simply put, it is a constructed term/portmanteau made up from "Solving" and "Engineering", implying the underlying approach used here to find true engineering & analytical solutions to common problems rather than the unfortunate approach chosen by many commonly termed "suck-and-see". The term is pronounced like Solve-Ear-Ring: [sŏlv-îr'ĭng].

Solveering Goal

It is our goal to bridge the gap between modern technology and what the average person or company is familiar with by providing an easy way to acquire as-needed engineering support for a wide variety of problems. Our academic experience is mainly in the mechanical and aerospace engineering fields but due to the large overlap in today's technology we can offer a number of tangential knowledge bases ranging from circuit board design and analysis through software and scripting to full numerical analysis of thermal, fluid and structural applications.

Solveering Business Plan

Our business plan is to focus on smaller companies and individuals rather than larger firms that would require extensive support. The reason for doing this is that we believe that there is a sufficiently large market that is in need of small, short term support for a wide variety of engineering and science problems or taking your idea from the concept stage through detailed engineering and prototyping. This however, does not mean that our capabilities are limited in any way, in fact, we probably have more engineering knowledge and capabilities than several mid to large sized engineering consultancy companies. In addition we are willing to expand our core competencies should there be a need to do so.

Solveering Quality

One item we would like to mention specifically is that we take great pride in giving full data rights to our clients. It is our philosophy that if you pay us to develop technology, you own it. And as always, our quality comes with a full money back guarantee. We only consider a job well done if you do too!