Design Services

Solveering™ LLC Engineering Design Services

There is evermore a need to create 3D models, 2D drawings, sketches, renderings and other forms of visualizations. A CAD model takes the parts attributes into consideration and provides a virtual visualization of that part. Various attributes can be computed from the model such as mass, volume or surface area.

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solveering llc engineering consulting logo

Areas of Design

  • Mechanical Design
  • Electrical Design
  • Software Design

Complete Design

design drawing example pictureSolveering™ LLC designs a number of different components and assemblies for our clients and pride ourselves in taking on new items and working with clients to meet both their requirements and design intent. Unlike freelance designers, we consider what your goal is and do not just provide the specific results you asked for but consult with you on a diverse set of parameters ranging from material selection to possible simulation and analysis tools to prototyping and mass production methods.

We Work With Our Clients

In order to supply you with a design to meet your expectations, we will discuss any items that we need in order to provide you with a quotation then start the design process by investigating existing designs, requirements and applicable manufacturing possibilities. Once we have sufficient information, we will put together any details for discussion. With 3D CAD design, a frequent issue is that it is difficult to see what the final product will look like from a picture. In those instances, we will provide a 3D PDF file (which can be opened with the common Adobe Acrobat Reader®) so that you can look at the part(s), rotate and zoom to satisfy your curiosity.

Your Designs Are Your Designs

Once the design has been decided on, we can produce Drawings/Blueprints that you can take to a manufacturer, export to common CAD formats for further processing or we can get in touch with manufacturers for you to obtain quotes for mass production. In any case, once a design is completed, you own the full rights and will have a set of files that can be used in the future to make additional changes or take the design to the next step. Also see our Prototyping page for options on how we could generate a physical part from the models or drawings.