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Engineering Services

Welcome to the Solveering Web Site. At Solveering LLC, our main focus is on providing services related to Development, Simulation and Implementation of your ideas. The image to the left shows what services we provide and how they interact

This is our main hub for information relating to services, capabilities and contact info. Here you will see links to information on each of our departments and areas of focus. Please follow any of these links or the navigation bar at the top of the page.

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InStep Software

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Our strongest and most used capability is mechanical design. We can convert sketches to 3D, general ideas to 3D, concepts to . . . MORE

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Our core capability is Fluid-Thermal (CFD) simulation. We have successfully performed simulations for the Aerospace, Educational and Consumer . . . MORE

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Our in-house prototyping capabilities are tailored to completing simpler parts for test fitting or functional verification. In addition to mechanical prototyping . . . MORE

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Contact Us

Please use our form to contact us regarding work requests and for a free estimate. If there is anything else you would like to let us know, please email us . . . MORE