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Change Log for Version 2.3.x


* V2.3.10: New Change Log page...

Build 157 (17 Mar, '15)

Addition of Decimation Tool
Addition of Command Prompt
Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Build 158 (18 Mar, '15)

Improved Trial License interface, allows mutiple attempts to contact email server.

Build 159 (19 Mar, '15)

Modified Trial License interface, added clickable link to support and privacy policy page.
Added basic error logging for trial requests.

Build 160 (19 Mar, '15)

Fixed issue during installation/first use scenario where an integer overflow could prevent application from starting up

Build 161 (13 Apr, '15)

Fixed issue with node locked licenses, and server retries. Added HostID info to debugging log and additional debugging information for trial requests.

Build 162 (27 May, '15)

Fixed server side issue related to Passive mode requests. Added error log file (in the /user/appdata/solveering folder) for failed request and additional feedback during attempt.

Build 163 (29 June, '15)

Removed restrictions for requesting Trial licenses.
Added zFar plane variable in INI file.

Build 164 (16 July, '15)

Simpler trial request form, direct licensing option.

Builds 165-178 (July-December '15)

Internal, Alpha and Beta Builds for the Onshape platform

Build 179 (14 December, '15)

Initial Public release of the Onshape integrator.
Miscellaneous minor Bug fixes.

Build 180, 181

Development Builds

Build 182 (22 January '16)

Added color options for OBJ import (default setting is OFF)
Misc Bug fixes and additional error data capture.

Build 183 (23 February '16)

Miscellaneous bug fixes

Build 184 (22 March '16)

Minor bug fixes in onshape file access

Build 185 (19 April '16)

Fix to the Onshape Document access (for selectively shared items)